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Time and Attendance Software (PunchTime) Overview

Our customizable timesheet software is designed to streamline the time reporting process, while providing the back-end calculations you need. Here are some ways our timesheet software can be deployed to your users:

  • In a desk-based environment, employees report their own time and labor distribution through a web-based browser interface. Supervisors approve time sheets at the end of each period.

  • In a blue-collar environment, time can be collected at a time clock. Supervisors review time sheets daily or every period.

  • For environments where employees don't have their own computers, you can set up a common PC where employees can review time and check their time off balances.

Time and Attendance Software
Features for Employees, Department Heads (Supervisors), and Time Keepers

System Area

Features and Benefits

Time and Absence Reporting

  • Report time and Absences via web browser for desk based environments.

  • Interface labor distribution to payroll, GL, Accounting or other systems

  • Report time and absences via web browser for desk based environments.

  • Report time via data collection devices in manufacturing, health care, retail, or other environments.

  • Collect time worked, labor distribution, and attendance information

Labor Distribution

  • Allocate time worked to multiple projects, work orders, departments, etc.

  • Interface labor distribution to payroll, GL, or other systems.

Supervisor Review and Approval

  • Review and correct time sheet errors, acknowledge errors/warnings, etc.

  • Approve time sheets for release to payroll.

  • Delegate approval authority to others on a temporary or permanent basis.

Benefit Accruals

  • Track used vacation, sick, and FMLA time.

  • Warn employees and supervisors of violations immediately.

  • Online access to balances.

E-mail Notification

  • Notify supervisors of unapproved time sheets by e-mail.

  • Automatically send reminder e-mail messages to employees or supervisors when time sheets are late, need corrections or require approvals.

Time Sheet Software - Back End Features, Calculations, and Interfaces

The real strength of our timesheet software solution is in the "behind-the-scenes" capabilities. These capabilities bring real cost savings to your HR, payroll, and benefits departments by automating the calculation, tracking, and correction of time sheets and all related data.

System Area Features and Benefits

Configurable Rules and Policies

  • Quickly configure policies for each organizational area .
  • User-defined calculations, exceptions, and message notification rules to automate your unique practices.

Sophisticated Pay and Time-off Calculations

  • Calculate overtime (including FLSA), shift differentials, and gross pay. Supports multiple pay rates including pay tied to job worked.
  • Calculate time off earned and track time off taken. Use for vacation, sick, and FMLA policies.


  • Automatically calculate holiday pay or holiday time earned.
  • Define special overtime or premium rules for time worked on holidays.

Attendance and Break Tracking

  • Track paid/unpaid breaks. Designate policies for breaks that exceed time limits.
  • Track tardy occurrences and notify HR or the supervisor of violations.
  • Apply uniform and consistent rules for grace periods.

Payroll and HR Interfaces

  • Automated interfaces to any Payroll applications and Oracle HRMS.
  • Integrated with retroactive processing for quick paycheck corrections.
  • Export data to financial, maintenance, decision support or billing systems.
  • Interfaces to all ADP applications, PeopleSoft, SAP, Lawson, and much more

Discipline / Point Tracking

  • Tardy and other attendance violations generate points.
  • Upon reaching point thresholds, notify supervisors to take disciplinary action.

Employee Scheduling

  • The feature to maintain and create employee schedules is also available
  • Use schedules as default time sheets for employees who report time on an exception basis only.

Special Requirements

  • IOA is committed to delivering a time and attendance solution that meets your exact requirements. If you have special needs, we can enhance the product to your specifications.

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