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Punchtime is our On-line Time and Attendance/Labor software designed with the goal of meeting the requirements of mid to large sized organizations with complex requirements. The software was designed from the ground up using the most current technologies in a customizable fashion

PunchTime Software Features
This page highlights some of the advanced software features you will find in our Customizable time and attendance solution, including:

  • Web-based timesheets with e-mail notification
  • Benefit accrual, labor distribution, overtime, shift premiums, and gross pay calculations
  • Support for exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Routing and approval of timesheets
  • Interfaces with all payroll and HRIS applications
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DBMS or MS Access
  • User-defined calculations through our unique scripting and formulas to provide simple and powerful enhancements to our software


The Technology Behind our Timesheet Software
Our technology page provides background on the technology we employed in building our timesheet software. Both server and client technology were chosen to be flexible and scalable to meet your company's needs.

Time and Attendance Data Collection
Our Time and Attendance Software supports a variety of additional methods to collect time and attendance information, including traditional wall mounted time clocks, bio-metric readers, touch screens, bar code scanners, PC, and browser-based clients. Even if your current hardware is not listed.

With the PunchTime Software any custom interface can be easily developed to merge seamlessly with your existing equipment. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet customer needs through our array of interfaces to leading HR and payroll systems. Using the most current technology, our time and attendance software seamlessly exchanges data with the leaders in a variety of HR-related fields.

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