Why Intercom of America TM

You have many choices when it comes to outsourcing your IT projects. Here are the reasons why you should choose Intercom of America, Inc. as your outsourcing partner.

Reduced Costs
Intercom of America, Inc. saves you money by providing its high-quality IT solutions at a substantially reduced cost. We use highly-experienced resources to work directly with you and the local project team. We then leverage these local resources with highly-skilled, cost effective software development resources to give you the best of both local and offshore competencies. We strategically manage our onshore and offshore resources to maximize cost efficiencies and to deliver superior services at a value point that meets your IT budget needs.

Intercom of America, Inc. believes in quality and warrants its work. Intercom of America, Inc.'s developers are highly experienced and tops in their field. Beyond that, Intercom of America, Inc. regularly invests in training and re-training them. Whether your project requires custom development or integration skills with languages such as Java, C++, XML or Oracle Forms, you can feel comfortable that it will be executed to the highest degree of excellence.

Your project is important so we don't leave things to chance. Intercom of America, Inc. uses industry leading practices and methodologies to manage its onshore/offshore development and ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Your business community demands delivery of new features now! There are always deadlines to meet and Intercom of America, Inc. can help. We have the capability to rapidly deploy our technical resources when you have a project - whether you need a dedicated offshore team to complete a development project or an onshore/offshore team to complete a full life-cycle project.

Hiring in-house resources can be time-consuming and expensive. Retaining them can be even more difficult. Most IT departments experience periods of peak demand that exceed their service capacities. By partnering with Intercom of America, Inc., you can avoid hiring personnel that may be unnecessary once a project is completed. Through our local client-facing presence, we make our offshore delivery transparent to you and ensure that your time and budget will be most efficiently allocated.

Intercom of America, Inc.'s professionals have significant training, expertise and experience with the latest platforms, applications and technologies. By partnering with Intercom of America, Inc., you can efficiently leverage this deep knowledge base to transform the latest developments in information technology into a competitive advantage for your business.